Our historians have conducted research on archaeological and historical sites, buildings, landscapes, and objects. We look at not only publicly available resources but our own archives, dating back over 50 years, and including the 50,000 projects we have done over the last 45 years. Working alongside archaeologists, architectural historians, city planners, tribal members, and the public they gather information in order to develop historic contexts. Contexts are critical to an understanding of a resource’s past and its cultural importance. Context is a key tool in the evaluation of a resource’s NRHP significance. This context can also help plan for future research to address missing data or to inform future endeavors in the preservation and interpretation of our past for the public today and in the future.

Not only does this history go into the reports we produce, but ACI has written numerous historical markers that are found along the roadways and at significant archaeological and historic sites throughout Florida. ACI has also helped develop interpretive displays as Historic Spanish Point, travelling exhibits, and various museums.