Everyone wants to be an archaeologist at some point in their life. Everyone has an interest in the past; preservation planning and public interpretation offer a way for communities, organizations, and companies to engage this public interest. ACI works in both private and public sectors to prepare historical markers, informational brochures, and interpretive panels and displays to present information about history and archaeology to the public. 

Posters and brochures are an effective means of communicating history and archaeology to the public. ACI has worked with the Florida Department of Transportation to develop a series of pamphlets that discussed history, archaeology, and preservation in relation to FDOT’s mission. ACI has worked with Historic Spanish Point, NASA, and Florida Scenic Highways to develop interpretive panels and displays that provide information to the public about the past and connect it to the future. When history has been lost to the sands of time, ACI has worked with developers, civic organizations, and communities to research and write historic markers that stand to remind us of this past.

It is important to consider the past when planning for the future. Historic resources and archaeological sites are critical aspects of the cultural environment, and developers and planners are increasingly focused on the importance of cultural resources in the planning and development process. ACI has worked with cities, parks, and historic sites to develop historic resource management plans that included the review of potential impacts of historic and archaeological resources, recommendations for site protection, and the development of education and public outreach programs and materials.