ACI provides all field crew with a company vehicle, cell phone, and required field materials. When needed ACI provides client requested supplies such as color-specific hard hats or vests, flashing lights, or flags. All field crew operate in teams of two for safety. All crew chiefs have completed CPR and first aid training, which is renewed semi-annually, and they have completed the OSHA 10-hr training. All crew members are encouraged to take the courses. All field crew participate in project specific safety orientations and daily tailgate meetings. Additional safety training is provided for project specific needs.


ACI stays current on all Federal, State, and Local laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines which set the protocols for the CRM industry.


All Project Managers, Principal Investigators, Senior Archaeologists, and Senior Architectural Historians meet and exceed the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Qualifications for professionals working in the field of historic preservation. We also stay current on all safety requirements: all field crew chiefs are CPR-certified, we are a Drug-Free Workplace, and field crew are routinely trained on project specific safety measures.


We maintain and insure a fleet of two-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles for field work and transportation. Driving records are reviewed as part of the hiring process.


ACI holds standard insurance policies as well as specialized insurance coverage to support various projects; and such policies can be altered for specific coverage requests. ACI Insurance coverage includes:

•  Workers Compensation

•  Employer’s Liability

•  General Liability

•  Professional Liability

•  Umbrella Policy

•  Pollution Liability



ACI gives back to the communities in which we work, through education, service, and leadership. We frequently visit or host school, university, and community groups to talk about archaeology, CRM compliance, history, and community development.


Staff presents and publishes scholarly work at state and regional conferences and a variety of professional journals. Many of our staff members are active members of a variety of organizations including; ACRA, RPA, SEAC, FAS, AAA, SAA, Florida Trust, National Trust, Florida Historical Society.


We volunteer through a wide variety of organizations in each of their respective communities. Many of our senior staff have served on federal and state boards, city and county commissions, planning boards, and community committees.