ACI conducts Cultural Resource Assessment surveys, Historic Resource Assessment Surveys, due diligence reviews, reconnaissance-level studies, and Phase II and III level excavations. Projects are tailored to meet the client’s needs and agency requirements. We have completed individual projects ranging from 0.5 acres to over 75,000 acres, including projects that cross city, county, and state boundaries. Whether it’s a linear corridor or a disconnected tract of land ACI is prepared to design a scope of work to meet our client’s needs.

Market Sectors: Government

ACI conducts due diligence reviews, reconnaissance-level studies, and Cultural Resource Assessment Surveys. See the many government agencies ACI has worked closely with to meet client needs and agency requirements.

Market Sectors: FDOT

ACI has continuing service contracts with all FDOT Districts and the Turnpike Authority and has worked with prime engineering companies.

Market Sectors: NASA & KSC

ACI has provided CRM services to NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center since 1990. Learn more about this relationship and the projects we have managed with NASA.

Market Sectors: USCG

ACI frequently works with the USCG to provide Cultural Resource Assessment Survey (CRAS) to assess the locations of infrastructure across and near waterways.

Market Sectors: Energy

ACI has carried out cultural resource inventories, surveys, and monitoring in support of energy projects in various sectors including; Solar and Wind, Exploration, Extraction, Generation, Transmission.

Market Sectors: Water Projects

Everglades Restoration and water distribution and storage projects in South Florida have given ACI an opportunity to further refine the South Florida predictive model. See how…

Market Sectors: ACOE

ACI recently completed a three-year contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This work has resulted in the recording of 87 new archaeological sites. Read more about this exciting project that covered over 6,000 acres.

Market Sectors: Land Development

ACI works with numerous engineering and development firms to meet government and legal requirements prior to projects which may impact cultural resources and archaeological sites.

Market Sectors: City of St. Augustine

Along with many years of providing CRM surveys for construction projects in the City of St. Augustine, Florida, ACI had a large role in a project that created an educational report and website focused on protecting the City’s historic structures and archaeological sites against flooding.