“I must say that I am very impressed. NASA’s consultants did an exhaustive job of research on the NASA-owned facilities at Santa Susana and were thoughtful in their eligibility determinations…. I very much hope that you have shared this report with your colleagues at Boeing and DOE, as I would love to see something of similar quality produced for evaluations of their facilities.”
– BT, Angeles District Archaeologist, California State Parks

Florida Department of Transportation

“Your reputation is outstanding. Every district that we deal with recommends ACI highly and so do we.”
– J.S, WSP-Parsons Brinckerhoff

United States Coast Guard

“I would like to thank you and ACI for the wonderful work you have done during the Section 106 consultation process and for all the information that you provided to SHPO. Job well done!”
– ES, Environmental Protection Specialist, U.S. Coast Guard Seventh District, Bridge Administration Branch

“Marion I would like to thank you and ACI for the wonderful work you have done during the Section 106 consultation process and for all the information that you provided to SHPO. Job well done!”
– E.S., US Coast Guard Seventh District

“From the time of my initial contact… to meeting your archaeology professionals… everyone involved handled our project with great speed and attention, it made me feel like our project was the most important project being worked on by ACI…. thank you for your immediate attention and very timely completion of the survey. I look forward to working with our company again.”
– M.L, Horizon Companies

“We highly recommend ACI for their quality professional work and express a deep appreciation for their personable approach with their clients…”
– DN, Planning Supervisor, Highlands County Board of County Commissioners

Land development

“Maranda, you and your team are THE BEST! Thank you for arranging your schedule to make this happen today. Please extend our thanks to all involved!”
– LP, Metro Development Group

Historic Preservation

“For more than a decade, Carlton Fields has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with ACI…very effective communicating with the SHPO…to facilitate project review and clearance regarding complex cultural resource issues…always been quick and on-point with the results so that the issue we had to work through with SHPO were resolved quickly.”
– R.W., Government Consultant, Carlton Fields Attorneys at Law

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

“Knocked it out of the park; I agree with all of your recommendations.”
– A.W., District Archaeologist and Tribal Liaison US Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District

“This has been one of the smoothest contracts I’ve worked in years … It was really good working with you all.”
– B.R., Operations Project Manager, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

“As Taylor Engineering’s project manager for this effort, I relied on Senior Project Archaeologist Christine Newman. Chris provided timely guidance, leadership, and her essential perspective throughout the project. On her own initiative, she assembled a volunteer stakeholder group of local archaeologists to guide our tasking. Adapting any structure to be more resilient to flooding is a challenging task, but historic properties with extensive archaeological resources are especially sensitive. I appreciated Chris’ perspective, as she often spoke up during project team meetings to give us critical inputs ensuring we would protect archaeological resources in addition to the chosen historic buildings.”
– A.S. Taylor Engineering


“ACI’s ability to guide and work with individuals…is an outstanding quality which has significantly contributed to their successful relationship with the FDOT…ACI has proven to be an asset to the Florida Department of Transportation’s Central Environmental Management Office.”
– G.B., Administrator, FDOT

“Your revision of the Department’s Cultural Resource Management Handbook … ready for use on the Internet, is simply superb… The Handbook has exceeded the Department’s expectations in every respect.”
– C.I., Former Statewide Environmental Manager, FDOT


“The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Kennedy Space Center (KSC) would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the excellent contributions to the Cultural Resources Management Program in meeting the requirements of the Shuttle Transportation and Retirement Program (T&R) for the Agency… Completing the mitigative measures…has contributed to the success of the Shuttle T&R process at KSC. The historic recordation… will be added into the Library of Congress and passed onto future generations to enjoy and interpret for many years. In recognition of and appreciation for your contributions to the Space Shuttle program, the NASA Environmental Program Branch would like to present your company with a “Catch an Environmentalist” award.”
– G.S., Chief, Environmental Management Branch and AB, Shuttle Transportation & Retirement Program